April 20, 2018


1- organic butternut squash pealed and cubed  (Whole Foods and Costco has them sometimes) 

3- fresh Atlantic salmon 4-6 ounce filet (will be darker in color than farm raised and have less striations in the fish)

1/4 cup - organic dried cranberries  (these often...

April 18, 2018


2-3 hand fulls of organic spinach 

6- organic strawberries with stems removed and cut into bit size pieces 

1/8 - organic purple onion cut 

1-3 tablespoons or organic cilantro (add to taste but more is better for removing metal) 

4- organic dates chopped 

Add 2-3 hand full...

April 18, 2018


1 - slice of organic sour dough bread (eat in moderation, about once or twice a month) 

1- organic banana 

3- tablespoons of organic peanut butter with no sugar added (I buy ground organic peanut butter from Whole Foods) 

3- tablespoons of raw or organic honey 

1-2 -...

April 6, 2018


I drink this smoothie twice a day about 15 minutes after taking 20 chlorella tablets.

Organic banana

Organic cilantro

Hand full – antioxidant organic berry blend

Hand full – wild organic blueberries

Small hand full of organic goji berries

½ teaspoon organic açaí berry

½ teasp...

April 6, 2018


Chickpea pasta (Whole Foods and Walmart) half box boiled

Two handfuls of organic spinach

Organic cherry tomatoes cut in half

Organic cucumber chopped

Combine all the above ingredients for the pasta salad and add salt and pepper to taste.

For avocado pesto

1 large fresh bunch...

March 18, 2018


1/2 cup of cashews (should be eaten in moderation) 

2 cups organic cauliflower

pink salt - to taste 

1 teaspoon of coconut oil  

2 teaspoons of organic white rice vinegar

organic carrots -thinly sliced

organic purple onion- thinly sliced

organic cucumber - thinly sl...

March 17, 2018


1/2 cup chia seeds put in a mason jar. 

1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract  

3 tablespoons of organic local honey 

1-2 cups of organic coconut, almond, or cashew milk (remember homemade is best) 

1/2 teaspoon organic cinnamon 

Mix all ingredients together in mason jar...

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